Safe winter storage tips

If you are a recent boat owner or you are used to seeing winters come and go over your precious boat and you wish to keep it more protected against the harsh weather conditions, here are a few tips that should come in handy.

Use Barden’s Boat Yard For Safe Storage Over The Winter

We can currently provide you with two storage facilities and a few storage options that can properly accommodate your boat over the cold season. If your boat is too large to be properly transported on the road, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with the facilities of our Island Wharf Rd in Marion. You can also take a look at our inland storage facility off Route 6 located in the Benson Brook Marine Park.

Stored boats often times experience lots of problems once the frozen ground becomes soft. Jack stands supporting hulls tend to get buried into the mud and be toppled over. And expert statistics tell us that there are three times as many boat hulls prone to be damaged by improper handling ashore compared to damage done by water accidents. There are unfortunately many cases of boats being damaged because of their improper storage conditions on a yearly basis, each winter, lacking the necessary support for the hull.

Solutions To Your Problems

No matter what your boat storage option might be for the winter, make sure you offer the right support the hull needs. A hull located ashore should be similarly comfortable as any boat that has been stored in the water during the cold season. While storing your boat on the land during the winter will prevent it from sinking and developing blisters, you will also have to think of the fact your ashore boat is much more vulnerable to theft. While boat thieves will be much less interested in reaching a boat you have left in the cold winter water to try to find valuable items on it or force start its ignition and sail away, a land boat is a whole different story. In other words, you are more likely to be visited by thieves on a boat stored ashore.


Which means you will need to worry about having your boat locks and ignition system be checked by a professional automotive locksmith. For emergency help you can immediately get in touch with a team of local, licensed and insured locksmiths here:

These guys can reach your location within 20 minutes form placing an emergency phone call to their customer support line and have your problem be briefly described to them, not sure how much you should expect to pay for their services? Have a look at their pricing page and see for yourself how much does a lock rekey, lock installation, lock rekey, jammed ignition repair or duplicate key making requests cost.

If you have a small boat you would like to have stored inside your home garage, you should also perform a security treatment on your garage door lock. Install a surveillance camera system so you can constantly check the state of your lock and notice any unauthorized access inside your garage. Have a sensor or wireless alarm system installed if you can afford them and only use sturdy locks with dead bolts and locks on your garage windows as well.