When at Sea


Barden’s Boat Yard has 85 moorings in beautiful Sippican Harbor. For boats over 25’, helix moorings must be used per town regulations. These auger moorings screw into the bottom of the harbor and are one of the safest mooring systems available, proven time and time again. Smaller boats are moored on either mushroom anchors or discs.

Unlimited launch service is included with the mooring rental. Rentals are at the sole risk of the boat owner and are subject to terms and conditions. 

Each mooring is supplied with one (1) mooring pennant with chafe gear and one (1) tall buoy. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to be sure the chafe gear and pennant is secured properly each time the vessel is moored.

In addition to the mooring rental, the Town of Marion has Harbor Permit Fees. This amount is additional to the mooring rental. The base fee is $180.00, plus $5.00/ft. If you are not a Marion or Rochester, MA, resident, you will also need a non resident parking sticker, which is $100.00.



Mooring Barden's Boat Yard




We do have a waiting list, but please contact us if you’d like to be added to it.

Dock Space

dock space

Barden’s Boat Yard has 16 spaces for power boats. All dock spaces are equipped with electrical service, water and wireless internet for your convenience. Please contact us for availability.

Summer Dry Dock service

No more worrying about checking dock lines, rain water, or that nasty bottom growth on your boat stays safe on land until you want to use it. The season runs from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus day weekend. We are on duty seven days a week to launch and haul through out the summer. 

launch service

Barden’s Boat Yard offers a public launch service for Marion’s Inner Harbor. Launch service is included with our mooring rentals, but for those who don’t need a mooring, our launch service is available for you either by purchasing a seasonal pass for unlimited rides to and from your boat for the entire summer, or on pay per trip.

Our 26’ Oldport Launcher is USCG inspected.

Our drivers are licensed by the USCG and are courteous, respectful and reliable.

gas dock

Barden’s Boat Yard does sell gas and diesel, but we do not have a traditional ‘gas dock’. Our staff is on duty daily during the week and weekend mornings during the season. Because the dock to access the fuel is also a working dock, we have to coordinate when a boat needs to come in for gas or fuel. Simply contact the office prior to arriving by boat to arrange for fuel. Valet Service is available for fueling, also.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of fueling up, and your boat is located in Sippican Harbor, we’d be happy to bring the boat in, fuel it up, and return it to your spot.

A service fee of $25 would apply