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Hello All,

We have come to the point where we know we need to keep up with the ever changing times and we have decided to embrace the communication changes and technology and join the world of social media. We know many of you (our customers) are interacting with the world through facebook daily and we want to be a part of that. So two big changes happening here at Barden’s Boat Yard this July! We have joined facebook and we are starting a boat yard blog!

We will use this blog to keep you posted on local happenings, community events, boat yard news, seasonal updates, boating day trip ideas and some basic boating tips etc…

Please stay tuned for future posts!

Please visit our new facebook page and “like” it so you will get our updates and notifications. Since this is new to us, please share any feedback or suggestions and please share any photos you take out there on the water this summer! We would love to hear from you and see some fun boating pics!

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Thank You,

Barden’s Boat Yard Family

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