Barden’s Boat Yard has 85 moorings in beautiful Sippican Harbor. For boats over 25’, helix moorings must be used per town regulations. These auger moorings screw into the bottom of the harbor and are one of the safest mooring systems available, proven time and time again. Smaller boats are moored on either mushroom anchors or discs.

Unlimited launch service is included with the mooring rental. Rentals are at the sole risk of the boat owner and are subject to terms and conditions. Owners MUST have insurance coverage to have a vessel on a BBY mooring. Please provide our office with proof of insurance before the boating season if you have not already done so.

Each mooring is supplied with one (1) mooring pennant with chafe gear and one (1) tall buoy. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to be sure the chafe gear and pennant is secured properly each time the vessel is moored. If a pennant needs modification to suit your vessel’s specifications, please contact the office and modifications, or a custom pennant, will be provided at the boat owner’s expense. If a tall buoy is broken, or lost, it will be replaced at the boat owner’s request and expense. Should the boat be sold, the mooring rental will not automatically transfer with the boat.

In addition to the mooring rental, the Town of Marion has Harbor Permit Fees. This amount is additional to the mooring rental. The base fee is $150.00, plus $4.00/ft. If you are not a Marion or Rochester, MA, resident, you will also need a non resident parking sticker, which is $100.00.

We do have a waiting list, but please contact us if you’d like to be added to it.