Hauling & Launching

Our 35 Ton Marine Travelift and 18’ wide travelift pen hoists vessels upwards of 60’ feet; and, with the addition of a Marine Forklift, handling power boats 32’ and under has become quick and easy. The majority of boats we store are hauled, washed and taken to our storage facility – Benson Brook Marine Park – which is located about one mile inland.
Barden’s has two trucks, and three hydraulic trailers, that keeps things moving along during hauling and launching seasons. For those boats not able to go over the road, we offer storage at our waterfront facility on Island Wharf Rd. Whether power or sail, inside or outside, or mast up or down, Barden’s can take care of all your boating needs.

Our regular launch service hours are as follows:

Monday thru Thursday….8am to 8pm

Friday thru Sunday…..8am to 9pm

**We monitor VHF channel 68